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We provide outstanding financial services to all our members. By joining Stable Fortunes, you are joining a pool of like minded investors and a vibrant society that will make you achieve more wealth at a faster rate in your life. This is the place to be.


Save to earn and to secure a development loan in future. By saving you earn interest. Smart people save.


Stable Fortunes Invests in it’s people. We are here to invest in your dreams as you grow your wealth.


Become stable financially by saving at the right place. We are here to see your dream come to life.

Savings Accounts

Ordinary Saving Account

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Loan Products

  • Development Loan
  • Investment Loans
  • Real Estate Loan
  • Capital Loan
  • Inua Biashara Loan
  • Micro Loans
  • Group loan


  • Emergency Loan
  • Education Loan

We are driven by values

Our Core value:

Agility, Balance, Coordination & Discipline.

Other Values:

Honesty & Trustworthiness, Patience, Sacrifice, Passion and Diversity.

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